SARS-CoV-2 Living Evidence

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Searching within the COVID literature

This uses grepl to select rows that match the keywords. We have (as of this update) not implented syntax translation, so please use the syntax decribed below. Searching is case insensitive.

OR operator

To indicate alternation, we can use the pipe character "|". These are often used within parenthetical grouping to specify that one of two or more possibilities should be considered a match. Searching for publications that contain the word 'ELISA' or 'RT-PCR' is thus done by entering:



Truncation is supported, and does not require additional syntax. 'pregn' searches for 'pregn*'.

Title, abstract or both

Queries are run in the title and/or abstract field.

Study designs

We are currently rapidly screening citations based on study-design (more details here). However, this is still incomplete and we recommand always including the last row 'Unclassified' checked.

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Subsets according to search criteria can be downloaded using the buttons.